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Church History
Long ago, local Indians named this little region in Southeastern Pennsylvania 'Conshohocken' meaning 'Peaceful Valley'.
In the years following its official foundation, the town had grown to be a vital industrial center where steel, tires, paper, fabrics and cement products were manufactured. During the early 1900's many immigrants arrived in Conshohocken to find employment in the town's industries. Religion was an important part of their life. By 1912 the Italians were numerous enough to form their own parish. Many who came to Conshohocken were from the province of Isernia in Italy, where there is a Church dedicated to SS. Cosmas and Damian. These saints were therefore chosen for the patrons of their new parish.
The church’s membership grew over the years. In 1926 the construction of a basement church took place. This was to serve as the foundation for the permanent church. The basement church became to small and in the fall of 1951 on the Parish Feast Day work was begun to build the present Church. Our present Church is Italian Romanesque in style, but you can notice a little Byzantine and a little Spanish in the architecture of the building.
The history of SS. Cosmas and Damian Church's ceiling is interesting and unique. A few years after the church was built, the white ceiling started showing rust from the nails. Father Strumia, then the pastor, requested parishioner Emmanuel Utti to paint some canvases. He liked them so much that he commissioned Mr. Utti to fill the whole ceiling with saints. Some of the paintings include Saints from the Roman Canon of the Mass, Lucy, Agatha, and Cecilia. Our church is one of few churches to have a painted ceiling a la the Sistine Chapel in Rome. In 2002 the paintings were restored by the artist Mr. Utti and his son who are still parishioners.
We respond to community needs by working for peace and justice, meeting the needs of our brothers and sisters, whatever they may be: spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual and social.
We share the Good News of Jesus Christ through our words and actions to all stages of parish life. We provide educational opportunities through Conshohocken Catholic School Early Childhood Center.
Conshohocken has changed from an industrial town to a thriving business center with the construction of many office buildings along the river. SS. Cosmas and Damian church continues its spirit of welcoming and reaching out to make newcomers of the area welcome to worship and pray at our church.
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